​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SOULWATER CHARTERS






Florida Pompano- Premier restaurant fish, a game fighter, favoring nearshore and surf over sandy bottom. Up to 18 inch / 5 lbs

White Trout- A close relative of the speckled trout, are one of the most common fish along the Gulf Coast. Up to 10 in/ .5 lbs

Greater Amberjack- A reef/ wreck dweller also the largest and most common amberjack that lives along the coast. Up to 6 ft/ 150 lbs

King Mackerel- A favorite game fish, abundant in nearshore open waters. Highly migratory. Up to 5 ft / 50 lbs

Black Snapper- A tremendously popular game and food fish, supplemental to other fisheries. Up to 25 in/ 10 lbs

Bluefish- A cannibalistic migratory fish, often caught in Florida during the winter. Up to 3 ft/ 20 lbs

Gulf Flounder- An ambush predator, camouflages itself by matching pigment with surroundings. Up to 18 inch / 4 lbs

Triggerfish- A very distinctively shaped fish. When threatened it can slip into very small crevasses. Up to 8lbs

Mingo Snapper- A frequently caught reef fish, similar in appearance to the red snapper. Up to 20 in/ 5 lbs

Tarpon- A favorite game fish known for its leaping out of the water when hooked. Up to 6 ft / 150 lbs

Red Snapper- Most favored reef species in entire gulf. The catch of red snapper is strictly regulated. Up to 3 ft / 40 lbs.

Sheepshead- an inshore species and are commonly found around oyster bars, seawalls and in tidal creeks. Up to 20 in/ 8 lbs

Redfish- A beautiful fish that has a very distinguished black spot on it's tail to fool predators into attacking the tail, rather than the head, giving it time to escape. Up to 45 in/ 51 lbs

Bonita- A ferocious fighter, found in large schools in open waters near coastline. Up to 2 ft / 10 lbs.

​Captain Sean Valdez

Tripletail- A coastal tropical fish that prefers a solitary habitat, choosing to float near shipwrecks, sea buoys, and pilings of jetties. Up to 45 in/ 3 lbs

​Captain Matt Miller

Almaco Jack- A similar shape to the Greater AJ, with a higher sloped head and a longer, pointier dorsal fin. Up to 60 in/ 120 lbs


Fish the gulf

Lesser Amberjack- A less common, smaller jack with large banded eyes and deep body. Up to 10 lbs

Spanish Mackerel- A popular small game fish found in large schools nearshore or in open water. Up to 2 ft / 5 lbs.

Cobia-  A highly migratory nearshore game fish often targeted when sight fishing. Up to 5 ft / 100 lbs

Speckled Trout- A common fish along the Gulf Coast, adults often spend their entire lives near the estuary where they were born. Up to 25 in/ 3 lbs  

Ladyfish- A long, slender, silvery fish. Often found in bays, lagoons, and sometimes even several miles offshore. Up to 3 ft/ 15 lbs

Lionfish- A highly invasive species from the Indo-Pacific with no natural predators in our waters to keep the population steady. Up to 12 in/ 1 lb